GenEntry 2X2 Solo Ad Rotator


Purchase 1 to 6 shares in the rotator! Receive 6 times the traffic when you purchase 6 shares. Each share allows 1 url to be added to the rotator. We can send all the traffic to 1 individual url if you would like to increase your traffic to one url.


(SPECIAL DISCOUNTED PRICE FOR GenEntry 2X2 Members Save 30% to 40%)

New Funnel Coming This Weekend! Check back for the sample! We are working on setting all systems up!

Read below to join the rotator! Contact us here if you have questions.

New Custom Ads Coming This Week. Order Now The Rotator For Your Group Launches Feb 24th!

50 Spots are open for the first group of MDM members! Then we will start another rotator for the next group one this one is full.

Your link will remain in the rotator for 30 days (from when we add you to the system). You can order again at the end of 30 days. We will have the monthly option on the checkout order form (coming soon). You will see an option to signup for monthly traffic.

The Heavy hitter Solo ad Rotator is your quick and affordable solution to grow your business and generate more traffic, more subscribers on autopilot. Simply order online and provide us with your url. You can start generating more traffic, more subscribers within the next 48 hrs hours without even lifting a finger after you sign up and submit your site URL. This is a custom package and will launch this weekend as we setup the custom systems and custom funnels and autoresponders. SEE A SAMPLE ROTATOR HERE!


Terms of Refund:

Once you start to receive traffic to your site you cannot receive a refund. Traffic to your site is real-time so there is no way to cancel the traffic that we have invested in and purchased to drive visitors to your site.

We do guarantee that everyone gets the same click ratio and visitors to your site. Our system tracks both raw clicks and unique clicks (Different devices).

There are always risks involved with any kind of marketing. Don’t spend if you can’t afford it.

After you paid above, please fill out the form on our support system, your link will be added to the rotation within 1-2 business days . If you do not see traffic within 3 business days please contact us ASAP so we can make sure we have your correct account added to the rotator (unless otherwise stated).

 Contact us here if you have any questions.

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